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Corporate Safety Policy at D2 Construction Ltd.

D2 Construction Ltd. is committed to the protection from accidental loss of all its resources, including employees and physical assets. In fulfilling this commitment to both people and property, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthful work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. We strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

Our site superintendent at D2 Construction Ltd. is the person responsible for the safety on each job site and ensuring D2’s safety policy and the O.H. & S. rules and regulations are enforced. Each worker–from the superintendent to the labourer–is provided with proper training from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association for the work they will be doing, or for the operation of any equipment.

Following are the responsibilities of assignment and accountability for safety:


  1. Establish a safety policy
  2. Provide a safe workplace
  3. Maintain a safety program
  4. Ensure proper training of workers
  5. Ensure PPE are available
  6. Ensure regular inspections are done
  7. Correct unsafe conditions
  8. Provide first aid
  9. Investigate all accidents
  10. Report injuries to WCB
  11. Ensure compliance with regulations
  12. Set a good example


  1. Promote safety awareness
  2. Establish safe work procedures
  3. Instruct workers
  4. Correct unsafe practices
  5. Detect troubled employees
  6. Correct unsafe conditions
  7. Enforce safety rules
  8. Inspect for hazards
  9. Investigate all accidents
  10. Ensure proper maintenance
  11. Comply with regulations
  12. Set a good example


  1. Use safe work procedures
  2. Report unsafe conditions
  3. Correct unsafe conditions
  4. Report unsafe acts
  5. Report any injury
  6. Comply with rules and regulations
  7. Make safety suggestions
  8. Set a good example

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